Customized Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) is ideal for problems that require complex pattern recognition, prediction, or optimization using or derived from large amounts of data.

Our AI libraries offer high-quality object-oriented neural nets, genetic algorithms, traditional search algorithms, and knowledge-engineering methods (expert systems). We make use of proprietary evolution/training algorithms to optimize the appropriate technology(s) for categorization, classification, or prediction (including delayed reward or discounted prediction). Many of the resulting solutions can also be configured for continued learning/optimization when presented with new data. Although we can handle just about any kind of computerized datastream, our technologies are particularly applicable to data housed in SQL databases.

In addition to the above suite of AI tools, we have a variety of algorithms for more traditional types of data analysis such as transforms, smoothing, and linear or nonlinear regression. These combined with our extensive experience in formulating problems and analyzing complex data allow us to produce highly effective solutions for a large number of problems in fields ranging from science/engineering to finance.

We package customized AI solutions in SQL, C/C++/C#, and or Java for just about any computer platform that can support these languages (most).