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Dynamic Gin
Version History
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Dynamic Gin Version History

The following list gives the feature changes and bug fixes associated with different Dynamic Gin version 1.xx releases.

  • Version 1.25/1.26. Adds two additional cardbacks. Fixes a bug in the statistics that affected multiplayer configurations.

  • Version 1.21. Added an option to play to 500 points. Under the Oklahoma Gin variation, added an option to require Gin whenever the first upcard in a hand is an ace. Introduced a menu command making it possible to watch the computer opponent's hand (as a learning mode) during play. Made minor documentation changes and fixed one minor internal bug.

  • Version 1.17. Improved the overall learning rate, and slightly increased the competitiveness for the expert difficulty level. Fixed several very rare or minor bugs. Made minor user interface enhancements. Dynamic Gin now gives a warning prompt if you start a new game while an existing game is in progress.

  • Version 1.14. Added context menus (right mouse button) for taking cards, discarding cards, and knocking. Also added support for taking the upcard or stock card by single (or double) clicking. Revised menu and button bar organization to make clearer the distinction between starting another hand and starting a new game. Added options to sort cards by face value in either ascending or descending order. Implemented a list of laid off cards that appears at the end of any hand where there are lay offs. Introduced measures to skirt a system-dependent problem that caused some users to occasionally see incorrect card images.

  • Version 1.10. Added more extensive play statistics, including game point totals for both user and computer in each Gin variation. Improved loading performance and made several user interface enhancements. Fixed two very rare internal bugs. Added installation support for Windows NT 4.0. Documented toll-free order number for customers in the USA or Canada.

  • Version 1.06. Several minor bug fixes: retention of "Sort by face value after deal" selection between sessions; correct loading of scenery under Windows 95 High Color (16-bit) display mode; correct display of Dynamic Gin window when non-standard sizes are selected for certain Windows 95 interface objects.

  • Version 1.05. Addition of 4th (expert) difficulty level, options for automatic sorting of hands, and optional eleven/ten dealing method. Minor documentation changes.

  • Version 1.00. Initial product release.


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