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About CyberSym Technologies

CyberSym Technologies is a software engineering and consulting firm located in Providence, Utah (USA). Originally involved mainly in computer applications for science and engineering, CyberSym Technologies has branched out into development of artificial intelligence tools and applications. CyberSym's artificial intelligence technology incorporates the latest in genetic algorithms, neural networks, knowledge engineering, intelligent agents, and procedural reasoning systems--all packaged in an object-oriented framework. The resulting computer intelligence is powerful and flexible, but easy to implement.

CyberSym Technologies maintains a strong commitment to user interface design. This coupled with extensive use of computer graphics enables the company to provide software that offers maximum functionality and ease of use.

Company Highlights

  • May 6, 1996--Cybersym Technologies releases Dynamic Gin Version 1.00. One of the first mainstream computer card games to utilize artificial intelligence, Dynamic Gin is particularly novel in that its computerized opponent learns and evolves as it plays. The engine behind Dynamic Gin is a pre-release version of the CyberSym Technologies AI Library.
  • June 26, 1997--"Computer Gaming World" announces Dynamic Gin the winner in the Card and Casino Games category of the Fourth Annual Ziff-Davis Shareware Awards.
  • February 4, 1999--CyberSym Technologies announces completion of a Pseudo Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm for training feed-forward neural nets. This algorithm offers near Levenberg-Marquardt performance while retaining the problem scaling properties of conjugate gradient learning.
  • June 17, 1999--CyberSym Technologies announces a new autonomous method for neural net clustering/classification based on physical interaction principles and nonlinear regression. The method gives clustering comparable to the best existing procedures while requiring no intervention or parameter selection on the part of the user.
  • May 9, 2002--CyberSym Technologies completes their working prototype of AISandbox--a platform for design and management of complex IT projects. AISandbox uses intelligent agent networks in conjunction with SQL database management systems to produce procedural reasoning systems that can solve complex problems through artificial intelligence.

Representative Other Software Projects

  • WinEPR--Developed under contract with the National Center for Design of Molecular Function at Utah State University. WinEPR provides a graphical Windows interface for control of a custom Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectrometer and management and analysis of EPR spectra and timecourse data.
  • WinDemo--A program to demonstrate object-oriented programming and application development principles under Microsoft Windows. Developed as a training tool, WinDemo uses the document/view architecture and introduces fundamental advantages of object-oriented data handling.


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